Friday 12 September 2014

Tales of the Imp - The Imp in the Flesh

We have a special for the latest Tales in the Imp drabble as you can see by the post's image!

If you haven't read the previous adventures of the Imp then you will find them all here:

The Imp in the Flesh

“After all I’ve done for you,” the Imp told me, “I think it’s time for you to demonstrate proper respect and devotion.”

“Am I not working your evil plan?”

“You are, but I desire something more permanent?”

“You have my soul.”

“And I would have more. I want my visage upon your flesh.”

“A tattoo? But they’re painful.”

He grinned at me, “Just so.”

I was wrong. It didn’t hurt. Well not much and not for the first few hours. Eventually it was done and I showed him the results.

He smiled. He always does when he gets his way.

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