Thursday, 4 September 2014

New Drabble - A Friend at the End

A new stand alone drabble of mine has been posted in the latest Indie Book Bargains newsletter and posted below. You can find my other stand alone drabbles here:

A Friend at the End

Ah fear my old friend. It is so good to see you after so many years apart. We enjoyed such wondrous times you and I amidst the squalor of London’s streets. I sensed your presence beside me in the quickened pulse jetting from their beautifully slender necks. Together we dined on the rarest and most delightful of screams.

But your arrival at this time disturbs me. Why cast your fell shadow upon me on today of all days? You traitorous fiend! We were allies once and now you cloud my passing with dread of what will follow my dying breath.

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