Wednesday 24 September 2014

Blog Shout Out - Lynne Stringer

For this week's blog shout out we visit Lynne Stringer's author blog. Discover more below:

Hi! I'm Lynne Stringer and I'm fortunate enough to be a published author. I've always been interested in writing and wrote what would become my debut novel in 2010. When it was accepted for publication, my publisher encouraged me to start blogging as well. I thought it sounded like a good idea, as it was a great way for me to share my thoughts and feelings on reading, writing and books.

I wrote my first blog in January 2013 and have written at least one a week since then. When writing my blog I often like to talk about about writing and how my work as a writer affects my life. I also have guest blogs and giveaways sometimes.

Some blogs prove more popular than others, though! I wrote a blog in November last year on whether Christians should write romantic fiction. It received quite a bit of feedback. A guest blog from award winning author, Paula Vince, just this week has also done well. As for me, my favourite post was probably my first, when I talked about my journey in writing. I enjoyed relaying everything that led up to me becoming a published author.

As for the future, I'll definitely keep on writing, because I can't stop and also to continue blogging, because it's a good release.

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  1. Hi Lynne - I've enjoyed following your blog over the last year or so. I particularly liked your guest series with writers talking about their first book, but have loved other posts as well - about your love for reading, experiences as a newbie author (book signings etc) and how your own books came about. Glad you got a shout out here :)