Thursday 4 September 2014

Book Impressions - Drabbles 'n' Shorts by Rick Haynes

As everyone who knows me will testify I am a huge fan of drabbles. If you've never encountered drabbles before then they are stories that are exactly 100 words longs - not including the title. I'm familiar with the author's dabbles from various places but here we have a collection of them in one handy place. There's a good mix here covering a number of genres and many of them showing that most remarkable drabble trait of the twist in the tale.

I think it's also fair to warn potential readers that there's some ancient jokes in here as well, all told in drabble form. Their inclusion is quite clever as they provide a timely change in tone and lift you ready for the next.

However it wasn't the drabbles that provided the highlight (as good as they were). No the prize goes to the short story about Alfred the Great which had a bit of a Plague Dogs feel to it. It's a simple yet very effective story and worth picking up this collection for alone.

Welcome to my world of Drabbles* and Short Stories. My anthology of short fiction is certain to entertain you with its diverse range of genres.

Some will make you smile!
Some will make you sad!
Some will make you think!
Some will make you blink!
But all will keep you interested, for there is something for everyone!

So why not Buy – Read and Enjoy?

*Drabbles are little gems. Short stories of exactly 100 words.

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