Friday 19 September 2014

Friday Poem - When Does a Dream by David Slater

In this week's Friday poem David Slater provides his dark piece beginning 'When does a dream'. He's also a talented artist as well as a poet so I've featured a painting I think accompany's the poem nicely.

Image Credit: David Slater

I have a passion for Dark Fantasy Prose which I enjoy sharing, this particular piece is inspired by 'the what if !' Of the illusivity in our subconscious dreaming state, where everything is possible. But, what if it went beyond just a biological process of the brain defusing our daily collective input ?!! 

When does a dream
Shift into your worse nightmare
What if, those darkling shadows were not bereft of substance
But housed a malevolence too dark, too perilous
That no shadow however deep could hide its wickedness
Shape-shifting silhouettes that plague the dreaming mind
Its uncertainty of boundaries
The fine-line between dreaming reality and the surreal
Invisible to prying flickering modernity
Such illusions of safety, electricity a simple switch that could banish all darkness
There is no hope of such comforts deep within slumber
'It' slinks without detection between the seconds of Time
Such is the surrealism of the sleeping eternity
Here within those precious blinks of the dreamers eyes
There is no distinction upon the ocean of fear
For 'he' has weaved you unto a dark wakeful coma
Step by step, poisoning you with a paralysed helplessness
Your resolve, strength weakens
Till the very tissue and muscles fail
Thus such bricks and mortar, that impregnable tower that houses your soul
And dragged into oblivion, lost forever in damnation ....... 

By David Slater .

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