Wednesday 3 September 2014

Blog Shout Out - Nikki Broadwell's Author Blog

In this week's blog shout out we visit Nikki Broadwell's author blog. Discover more about her blog in her own words below:

I'm a full time writer and began my blog in order to promote myself and other authors struggling to market themselves in a world saturated with books.

In the beginning I interviewed authors who had self-published to find out their stories, both for my own information and to help them. Lately my blog has become more of a chronicle of my process. For instance I recently posted one titled, 'So, you think you want to make your book into a movie'. I wanted to share what happened when I contacted a company who specializes in this process, both about the costs involved,as well as links and so on.

I've written about marketing, editing, formatting, cover art, different publishing platforms and why I chose the one I did, as well as every other aspect of the publishing process. I offer links to the ones I've hired. I also promote books for other authors.

As far as the future goes, I plan to continue with whatever comes up for me, since I am definitely not unique in this confusing world of self-published authors. Today's topic is the inner critic. Hopefully I can gain more readers as I go along!

Click here to visit Nikki Broadwell's author blog:


  1. Great blog, found you via MAKING CONNECTIONS. I like how your blog has evolved in different ways. I am sure to visit again.

    1. if this is about my blog, thank you. I appreciate visitors and comments anytime!