Monday 23 December 2013

The Cult of Me Review Roundup

For a writer receiving good reviews is a wonderful thing, there's nothing better than knowing that somebody has read your book and taken the trouble to tell others about it. So over this Christmas break I'm going to indulge and celebrate some of the great reviews I've received for my books so far.

The Cult of Me was my debut novel and as a nervous virgin indie author I was astounded by the number of positive reviews I received. It's a scary thing releasing your book into the wild and hearing that people enjoyed reading it took the stress out of it.

So if you read books, especially those by indie authors, why not let them and others know that you enjoyed reading their book, they'll be happy to hear from you - I know I was!

Here are exerts from some of my favourite reviews for The Cult of Me:

"It is a real feather in Mr Brookes cap that most writers create a main character that is either a likeable sort or so bad that you can hate them. The main character in this book is ultimately self serving and cynical but even so you still hunt for indicators that he could be redeemed and just occasionally there's a glimmer of possibility, it only lasts for a moment before the author mercilessly dashes it. But, however often your hopes are dashed, you still feel that there may yet be hope."

"The Cult of Me starts off brilliantly. The first 100 pages or so comprise a fantastic horror/thriller blend that introduces readers to an unnamed but perfectly contrived villain through whose eyes and mind we see the story play out. In these pages, this character is consistent, evil, self-involved and extremely entertaining. I wish he were one of mine!"

"This book is so hard to define. It’s a dark, psychological thriller but also philosophical, metaphysical and totally unusual. Our protagonist displays mental powers from his youth and he teaches himself to use and enhance them. He believes he’s alone in these abilities and abuses them to punish or damage people he dislikes. He decides to make a ‘last stand’ in prison and deliberately kills 5 people to get there. Eventually, he finds he isn’t unique. "

"This is a meaty, lurid read but don't be fooled. The excellent writing and plotting will stay with you long after the book has reached its Apocalyptic conclusion. The anti-hero is totally unlovable, but it seems as if his strange gift enables him to get inside the readers head and mess with it, just as he messes with peoples' heads in the book, often with devastating consequences. "

"Brookes is a master storyteller as he draws us into the mind of a powerful madman and lures us to keep going with the easy build-up of suspense and action, underscored with bits of calm, morbid humor. This book took off like a missile, leaving me to wonder as to its trajectory, then suddenly veered to the left, sputtered once or twice, then honed in on its real target. Loved the ending! The creepy cover is outstanding and though the book could benefit from a little editing, overall it is a captivating read that can really tickle a reader's dark side."

"I absolutely loved this. Its a fantastic psychological thriller, quite dark and thought provoking. I could write an essay about how amazing this book is, just wow."

Thanks to everyone who has left reviews for any of my books, it's much appreciated and I hope I'll receive more in the future!

If you haven't read The Cult of Me yet then you can purchase it from the links below, or sign up to my mailing list and a receieve a free copy:

The first book in 'The Third Path' Trilogy.

For too long he dwelt apart, watched those who passed him by. With his unique abilities he entered their minds and inflicted terrible suffering upon them. They didn't even know who he was. The game has lasted for years, but now the game has become stale. On an impulse he decides to make a final and very public last stand. After surrendering himself to the police he enacts his plan to seize the prison for his final bloody act. 

There he discovers that he's not as unique as he once thought.


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