Wednesday 4 December 2013

Murder Drabbles - In Plain Sight

The latest drabble in the 'Murder Drabbles' series has been posted on the Indie Book Bargains website and I've copied it below as well. To receive a daily dose of drabbles you can sign up on their website (http:/// or like the dedicated Facebook page:!/drabbles

You can read the rest of the series here:

In Plain Sight

At least it was late at night was the only comfort I had as I tried to think of a safe way to dispose of the body. All I wanted was to return home and bask in the glory of the kill.

That was stupid thinking, I didn’t have long, in a few hours the early morning dog walkers would find her. Could I carry her home and then dispose of her at my leisure?

No, that was too risky, it was too far away. So what then?

And then it came to me, I didn’t need to hide her.

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