Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Tales of the Imp - The Boss

The latest Tales of the Imp drabble has been posted in the Indie Book Bargains newsletter (you can sign up to their newsletter here and keep up to date with the latest Kindle deals and get a daily drabble: http://www.indie-book-bargains.co.uk/) and it's also posted below.

You can read the other drabbles in the series here:


The Boss

It took a while for everything to settle down, I counted time’s passing in sleepless nights. The Imp kept me going through those dark days. At every moment I expected the police to knock on my door.

Work was even worse, as you can imagine the boss’ death was the hot topic for weeks. It became a personal hell for me, the guilt of what I had done reflected in the gossip of my colleagues.

The Imp was true to his word though. One month after the involuntary demise a letter arrived from head office congratulating me on my promotion.

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