Saturday 28 December 2013

Book Impressions - First Strike (In the End Part 1) by Edward M Wolfe

I'm not a fan of serialising books, I have no problem books following on from each other, but reading a story and having it cut short to find out what's next doesn't do it for me. If you're releasing a story it should at least have an ending, this doesn't, it basically reads like the first chapter of a longer book and provides no conclusion at all.

Which is a shame, because what is there is pretty good, it tells the story of a four people who have gone skiing and who witness a nuclear attack on nearby Denver. There's some interesting events and the characters work well, but it just ends abruptly.

The author does have talent, the writing is good, but on its own there just isn't enough here to get into. If you don't mind buying your book sin instalments then it's probably fine for you, but for me it just made me feel I'd wasted an hour reading a taster for something longer.

Shortly after four college students arrive at a cabin near Vail, Colorado where they plan to enjoy a two week vacation skiing and having fun in the snow, a nuclear explosion occurs in the city of Denver.

They do not know if Denver is the only place where this has happened or if it is safe to go home to Idaho. With the power out, they have no access to news or information. It's a few days before the beginner's lodge they have come to visit opens so very few people are in their immediate area.

Some of the survivors simply cannot face the new reality. Those who can must use their intelligence and tap into their inner resources to survive the threats they face from a nuclear attack - and from other survivors.


  1. Michael,

    Thank you for reading and reviewing part 1 of In The End. I understand how you feel about reading a series installment, and in fact, I feel the same way and have released the three parts as one book. I would be happy to send you a copy in the format of your choice, including paperback.

    Although the story does come to an end, it's still possible to continue it, but if I do, any follow-up will be a complete novel. I found that I don't like writing a story in pieces any more than I like reading them that way.

    Thanks again, and let me know if I can send you the full book at no charge.

  2. That's very generous and thanks for responding. Serialisations of books into separate parts is one of my personal bugbears.

    There's no need to send me a copy, I've bought the whole book already :-) As I said, I liked what I read.

  3. Thank you, Michael. I'm glad you'll be seeing the whole story now. It's not at all fair though that you ended up overpaying for the book. If there's anything else of mine that might interest you, I'd like to provide it free to make up for your overpayment.

    I just purchased The Cult of Me. One line in the description made it irresistible: "he entered their minds and inflicted terrible suffering upon them"

    That alone is intriguing, and it's similar to my antagonist in Devon's Last Chance, except for the infliction of suffering. Devon enters the minds of many to orchestrate the suffering of one. But that's still pretty cool that we've done something somewhat similar. I look forward to reading yours.

    1. Don't worry about it, my TBR is quite long so I'm not sure when I'll get to it, but I'm looking forward to it.

      Thanks for picking up The Cult of Me, I hope you enjoy it!