Thursday, 5 December 2013

Guest Authors Revisited - Timothy P Niedermann

I first interviewed thriller author Timothy P Niedermann back in May (you can read that interview here), I recently caught up with him to see what he's been up to since then, you can find out more below:

What has changed in your life since we last spoke?
The biggest change is that I found a publisher for my novel, Wall of Dust. It's Greystone Publishing LLC, a small, fairly new outfit in Nashville, Tennessee. They are very professional, and I feel very lucky to have their support.

Have you learnt any new wisdom?
I have learned to value myself more as a writer. not just because I have found a "real" publisher, but because of the consistently good responses I have received on my writing. The anxiety of wondering what people will think has been replaced by a new confidence. That feels good.

Have you become a better writer? If so, how?
Yes, if anything, this new sense of confidence has allowed me to be comfortable with the sort of writer I am, and that in turn has led me to want to work harder at being myself in my writing.

What are you working on at the moment?
Right now I am working with my editor on revisions to my novel This should be done by mid-December. I had sent earlier versions to various people, particularly those familiar with the situation in Palestine (where the book takes place). The response has been overwhelmingly positive, far more that I dared expect, and I have incorporated several suggestions to improve the text. After that I have several new projects to get to, including a new novel and rewrites of two other books.

Tell us about your latest release and how we can find out more.
Wall of Dust is slated for release in June or July of 2014. The place to find out more is Greystone's web site,, though it is undergoing a complete revision now and so isn't quite ready. It should be finished shortly, however.

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  1. The big news is that "Wall of Dust" has final been published and has gotten great reviews! Author Katharine Weber ("Triangle" and "The Music Lesson") calls it "Timely and timeless . . . a stunning story of divided loyalties, love, fear, and personal sacrifice." "Wall of Dust" is on now. I unfortunately had to change publishers, but my new publisher, Deux Voiliers Publishing out of Aylmer Quebec, is very aggressive and has done a wonderful job. The official release will be at the book fair "Prose in the Park" in Ottawa, Ontario, on June 6, 2015.