Wednesday, 1 May 2013

To Market (New Elite: Dangerous Drabble)

The latest Elite: Dangerous newsletter has been posted and features a drabble from Dave Hughes (the author of the upcoming Elite: Dabgerous paper RPG). You can read the newsletter here.

To Market by Dave Hughes

"The manifest says they're food." The creatures just sat there looking at Carlo, their dirty, leathery hides covered in dirt and grime from the cargo bay floor. "They escaped from the cage," Reet said.

Carlo glanced at the soil-covered cage, then back to the escapees with an expression of revulsion, "They're hideous."

"They're really popular in the Core," Reet explained, "We make good profit on 'em."

"But they're filthy. They're covered in their own waste, for Randomia's sake. People eat them?"

"Apparently," Reet shrugged.

"Crazy," Carlos said, shaking his head. "What are they called?"

Reet glanced at her manifest, "Pigs."

You can visit Dave at his site:

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