Thursday 23 May 2013

An Explorer's Life - New Elite: Dangerous Drabble

I've posted the latest Elite: Dangerous Fiction Diary, in this video I describe the state of the galaxy at the start of the game. You can amuse yourself watching the video here:

 I've also written a drabble that was included in the update:

An Explorer’s Life by Michael Brookes

Some find it too lonely in the unexplored regions. This far out, you rarely meet other ships. Certainly not ones you’d want to meet.

It’s not for everyone, but me? I love it.

The solitude, the thrill of finding the trace that leads me to a new dark system. I’m out here forging a trail that others can follow.

My ship might not have the range of the other explorers, but it’s tough, and I have a trader friend that helps me resupply.

But it pays to be careful. There’re darker things than pirates hidden out here amongst the stars.

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