Friday 17 May 2013

New reviews for An Odd Quartet

I've received two great new reviews for 'An Odd Quartet' on Goodreads:

5 stars

All of these stories were excellent. I enjoyed the darkly satisfying twists that surfaced in a couple of the tales, and I loved the imagery throughout. I was impressed by how atmospheric the third story really was, even though the entire story is a dialogue exchange of a radio conversation. Don't get me wrong, the other stories were very good but the third one was just brilliant.

4 stars

The final story was the most creative and interesting, a good example of turning conventions and expectations on their heads. An interesting picture of hell is painted, and it's a story, like the third, that I'd love to read more of.

I can reveal that there will be a follow on, hopefully by the end of the year - An Odder Quintet

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