Monday, 27 May 2013

Book Impressions - Welcome Home: A Short Story by William Hage

As the title states 'Welcome Home' is a short story, it concerns John Lester returning home after his father's death. There he discovers things were much darker than his memories had indicated. It's an excellent short story, well written and has a real sense of dread about it.

I can't help but feel that the story deserved a bit more development and space. It's based on an excellent premise and building up to the conclusion (which I didn't guess, so kudos to the author) would have made for a better story.

But it is a short story and thus a quick read and I'll look out for more of his work with interest. If you like horror tales with a decent dose of creepy then you should give this a read.

I like the cover as well, understated, but hints at what is to come.

John Lester is returning to a place he never really considered home to begin with, a place that he has not seen in years. But what he does not realize is that what went on in this house was much less homely than he thought as he unearths something dark about his family.

"Welcome Home" is a short story approximately 6600 words.

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