Friday 17 May 2013

Death to Slavers (New Elite: Dangerous 100 Word Story)

Newsletter #6 for Elite: Dangerous is now out, you can view the whole newsletter here:

In this newsletter we have a new drabble (100 word story) by Darren Grey:

Death to Slavers by Darren Grey

Mama used to take me to market. People there were nice! But some gave mean looks. “Death to Slavers,” they whispered.

Once a scary man came with us. “Don’t worry,” said Mama. “We paid good money for him. Daddy’s a Patron now; we need protection.”

But when the bangs started he just fell down, and people pulled Mama away. “Death to Slavers!” they shouted.

They say Mama’s gone now. I hope she comes back. I try being good, but if I don’t work hard they hit me.

“Death to Slavers,” they still say. I don’t even know who Slavers is.

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