Friday 3 May 2013

72oz Steak Challenge

Warning this post is not vegetarian friendly! :-)

I'm lucky enough to live near an excellent Steakhouse - The Littleport Steakhouse. I go there every few weeks with some people from work. They do an amazing mixed grill of exotic meats.

They also do a 72oz steak challenge. You have an hour to eat it and if you do you get it for free, if not it's £50.

I've been meaning to give it  atry for a while now and last not, along with one of my collegues we gave it a try.

First let me say that a 72oz steak is a lot of meat! Here's what it looks like to start with:


That is a big old steak :-) The knives you get are pretty cool as well, something Rambo would be proud to wield.

I had mine medium, Igor had his blue (probably not a wise choice for this challenge!). I started off well and polished half of it away quite quickly. Unfortunately it didn't go well from that point. I hit the meat sweats and the meat wall - I ate some more, but not a lot.

Frustrating I wasn't full, but I just couldn't chew any more meat. Here's what remained:

In total I managed some 42oz of meat. It was fun, but I think I'll stick to the mixed grill next time :-)

A shout out for the ladies that served us and if you're in the area and love well cooked and presented meat then check it out.


  1. Mmmm ... steak.... I know I could never eat that much, though. I usually have trouble making it through a 12 ouncer, but still... mmmmmmmmm *drool*

    1. I'm not feeling very hungry this morning :-)