Wednesday 29 May 2013

Tales of the Imp - Meet the Imp

Welcome to the first drabble for 'Tales of the Imp'. A drabble is a short story that is exactly 100 words, like my other drabbles these are first published in the Indie Book Bargains website (which is a great place for readers to discover UK Kindle bargains). Unlike my other drabbles these form a series all about a man and his imp. So without further ado...

Tales of the Imp - Meet the Imp

I have an imp on my shoulder. He's always there, whispering malevolence into my ear. He's three inches tall, with olive skin and two tiny horns on his forehead. His hair is bright red hair. His teeth are small and sharp.

He reeks of burning sulphur, which like him, follows me everywhere.

He says he's here to protect me, that I am someone special. What can such a diminutive creature protect me from? He doesn't answer my questions, but he enjoys telling me things.

Like whom I should kill.

I don't listen to him.

Not yet.

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