Friday 17 May 2013

Book Impressions - Taken by Adam Light

Taken is the story of a long distance truck driver who kidnaps a waitress, from that simple premise it builds the tension nicely. It's a short story, so a quick read, helped by the fact the writing flows well. Unfortunately that's it's only real flaw, I would have like to have seen more development, especially for the waitress, there was huge potential there to make the story more involving.

But that is a minor complaint, the story itself is paced well and did grip me. Well worth checking out.

Jack Harden is your average good-old-fashioned American truck driver.

You can ask the girl he's got duct-taped in the back of his cab, she'll tell you.

Oh, don't worry - it's okay. His wife knows all about it.

She told him to do it.

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