Monday 13 May 2013

Book Impressions - Friend Request by David Wailing

This is the second of David Wailing's Auto series that I have read and for me this is the best, although I'll need to read more to justify that opinion :-) The series describes a near future where a lot of our lives are run by software agents knowns as 'Autos'. In this case it deals with the perils of automated social networking.

The story itself is well paced and takes place over the course of an anniversary party for the lead character and his wive. The attention to detail is excellent and the author builds a vivid and authentic version of the future.

It's a short story, so it's a quick read, but even so it does a good job of hinting at the efefcts of the wider world. The writing is very good, the author does a wonderful job of painting the scene and the people in it.

Overall this is a great read and I can highly recommend this book and the series it is part of.

Nick Brady gets a dozen friend requests a day. Like most people in 2022, these are handled by his auto, digitally organising his entire life.

But this friend request is from an anonymous stranger, whose relationship status claims he’s dating Larissa Brady. Nick’s wife.

It’s a mistake. It must be. Nick and Larissa are hosting a tenth anniversary party, a happy celebration of a steady marriage. But what if his auto is right, and his wife is having an affair with one of the guests?

How well does Nick know his online friends? And how many have dirty secrets, that only their autos could expose?

'Friend Request' is a 20,000 word short story, part of the Auto series including 'Relationship Status', 'Timeline', 'Backup' and 'Copy'.

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  1. Michael, thanks very much for this excellent review! Very much appreciated!