Sunday 26 May 2013

Book Impressions - Deceptive Comfort

This is the story of a woman due to give birth soon. The problem she faces is that children born on a specific date are thrown into a pit of fire due to a local superstition. It's an effective and gripping tale, the tension builds throughout the story and the author does a good job of making you care about their fate.

The story also does a good job of showing glimpses of the wider world and that is also a problem for the story. In the ending it detracts a little from the core story. If this intended as the first in a series of stories then it's a good hook (although a little clich├ęd), if not then the story would have been better without it.

That complaint aside this a well written and interesting story, one I recommend people read.

This is a short story, of approx. 8200 words. It's a historical thriller, a tale of, greed, political abuse, and the impact of superstition on people.

In an ancient village ruled by the tyrannical Murtagh family, the pregnant Wynter is blessed — or cursed — with a rational mind. 

In this place, a terrible fate awaits any child born on the 29th of February. And, as the leap year approaches, Wynter’s time draws near.

A heartstopping tale of one woman’s battle against superstition.

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