Wednesday 8 May 2013

New 5 Star Amazon Review For Conversations in the Abyss

I've received a wonderful 5 star review on Amazon that I just ahd to share!

5.0 out of 5 stars Thought provoking and enjoyable. Read it! 8 May 2013


I was lucky enough to win this book in a draw on a forum and I feel privileged to have done so. To me, the blurb doesn't do it justice, what drew me in was the prologue. I read that and was hooked.

Although the second book in a trilogy, having not read the first book did not diminish my enjoyment of this story and I will now go and read The Cult of Me

The story really does feel in the main like a conversation between The Deathless Man and the other protagonists. I rather enjoyed that style and found it made you have almost an empathy with the main character even though I am sure you are possibly not supposed to like him.

Without giving the story away, I loved the concepts about why/how heaven and hell and even the creation of earth occurred. Yes, it is a story, no I am not saying it is the gospel truth but I love a story that makes me think 'What if...' And the author has come up with some interesting theories.

This book is not a religious tract and not at all preachy, so please do not be put off simply because it has a religious theme. It is more about the character of the individuals and an interesting political commentary too. One is left with the thought that some of it just might be how it is!

I found this a quick read possibly due to the conversational style but was left with probably what the best endorsement I can give, I couldn't wait to finish it to pass it on to a friend. It is one of those books that you want to share so that you can discuss it with them after they have read it. A book has to really draw me in before I would recommend it to a friend, this one did.

Michael Brookes has created some fascinating characters that I can't wait to revisit in the next book.

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