Saturday 11 May 2013

Book Impressions - Battle for Earth by Rod Porter

This is Rod Porter's first book in his Star Chronicles series. It's a military sci-fi novel where the Earth has been captured by an alien race called 'The Plague' after a devastating war between various countries.

It's a bit of a mixed bag, the story itself is a fun read. However, for me it lacked a feeling of authenticity. By that I mean that the events in the story glossed over some of the difficulties. For example logistics in the most part is missing. In fairness that's a personal quirk of mine, I like details :-)

The other main downer is that it all seemed too convenient sometimes, I would have liked to see the characters have to work at some of their achievements more than they did.

The ending is also a bit abrupt and a little strange. I understand that it's setting up the next book, but it felt too sudden as a wrap up. Keeping the mystery for the next book may have been a better choice.

All that being said, it is a fun read. For the most part it is well paced and you rapidly progress through the story. The writing works well, which helps progress you through the story. All in all, quite entertaining.

The year is 2053. Man is an endangered species, and has been hunted to near extinction by the aliens that invaded Earth three decades ago following the devastation of the planet's nuclear war. The majority of humans now dwell in primitive underground colonies, hidden from the alien death squads that relentlessly patrol the planet.

Resistance and the reestablishment of society is the focus of a determined few, who aim to overthrow the conquering aliens, and reclaim the rule of Earth to the human race. But those who would defy the aliens, and return humanity to its former dominance, must tread carefully as they navigate the treacherous waters of warfare, politics, commerce, and government in their campaign to rally the people of Earth and defeat their extraterrestrial enemies.

In the fight for freedom, humanity's ensuing conflict with the invaders, and with one another, will push mankind to the brink. Heroes will be born, allegiances and loyalties will be tested, alliances and agendas will be forged. The battle for our world is about to begin...

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