Friday 1 November 2013

Clean Shaven for Movember


Well Movember the First is here and Team Mobra Mk III hit their stretch goals, for raising £600 I've shaved off my lovely beard, for £1200 Igor removed his and for an amazing £1800 Mike is now growing a moustache.

I've not shaved in over 20 years but I did well and only cut myself once, there is now however a stranger looking back at me in the mirror!

Movember is all about raising awareness for men's health issues, especially prostate cancer. You can still donate to support the cause on the team page here:

We're currently at £1,887 raised which is excellent work, but with more support I'm sure we can increase that total.

A big thanks to everyone who has supported the team and a big shout out for Fozza and crew for organising it. Right on Commanders!


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  2. Well done, gentlemen! The internet has been graced: to be able to see your handsome faces, in all their naked splendour, is wonderful.

    Team Mobra MKIII has my support, but who would have thought the outcome will not only help people, but reveal such chiselled magnificence.

    Chin up lads, there's time to grow something back in December, before the really cold weather sets in. :)

    1. The growing back has already started :-)

      And this is appropriate:

      In other good news the Mobra Mk III team has reached the £2000 mark!

    2. An excellent cartoon. Just like me every morning. :)