Friday 22 November 2013

Drabble Classics - Paradise Lost

Welcome to the first in my new series of drabbles called 'Drabble Classics', in this series I will be celebrating classic books in drabble form. The first in this series is my favourite story ever written, John Milton's 'Paradise Lost', if you'd like to know why this is my favourite story then see this old blog post of mine:

Paradise Lost

Lucifer’s pride sparked rebellion against God and by the Messiah’s might he was cast far from Heaven’s light. Renamed Satan he declared that to rule in Hell suited better than to serve in Heaven.

With envious eyes he watched creation and he beheld two beautiful creatures, clothed only in their innocence and bathed in God’s love.

In serpent form he sneaked into the garden and deceived the maiden, convincing Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. Loyal Adam’s despaired, yet still joined his wife in sin. From their fall we would wait for the Messiah’s return to restore a paradise lost.

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