Sunday 10 November 2013

Murder Drabbles - Men Can't Help Acting on Impulse

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Men Can't Help Acting on Impulse

I didn’t plan my second kill. How I didn’t get caught in those early days I’ll never know, my actions were clearly blessed.

I caught a beguiling scent as I walked home. I’d passed through the park, alone and enjoying the concealing darkness so late at night.

I wasn’t alone, ahead of me I heard the stuttering clack of heels, and she sounded unsteady on her feet. Her scent bewitched my sense and raised a passion within me, something precious that I only I could feel.

I discovered that there is more to passion than rage and quickened my pace.


  1. I like it! who would have thought that 100 words could convey a story. I have been working on ideas for your short story contest and I cannot even get down to 500 words. Everything is begging to be longer. I think this is a great idea and it takes skill. I am going to read more.