Thursday 4 April 2013

Solemn Vow (New 100 Word Story)

A new drabble (100 word story) written by me has been posted in the Indie Bargains newsletter - visit to sign up for the daily newsletter of  free and bargain Kindle books.

Solemn Vow

We made a vow, you and I. Before the altar we declared our love to the world. For a time I was the happiest a man could be.
But you broke that vow. You and him. Together you betrayed my trust, despoiled our love. My wife and my brother. I couldn't believe it at first. All too quickly what was joy turned into a hate so bright it provided the only light in my darkness.
And so here I am, digging a shallow grave for you both in the soft soil. I kept my promise - till death do us part.


  1. These 100 word stories of yours are all little gems! You should collect them into a book; I know I would read it!

    BTW, I did want to let you know (If you didn't see any of my posts elsewhere) that my review of "The Cult of Me" will be further delayed due to a change in the terms of the Amazon Vine program which requires me to read all the outstanding books I have from them within the next 6 weeks or so... O.O I've been trying to read your books (I also have "An Odd Quartet") but something keeps interfering; hopefully once I catch up on Vine I'll finally be able to do so. I haven't forgotten! :-)

    1. No worries, I might collect them into a book at some stage. Thanks for the kind words.