Friday 19 April 2013

Book Impressions - Devil Inside by Brandy Issacs

Devil Inside is a vampire story with a difference. In some ways it follows the modern trend for lots of sex, but it does at least keep the violence in there as well. The vampire legend is a little different in this story and works well in the world that it creates.

The main downer for me was the main character, I found her hard to empathise with, but she did do what was needed to keep the story going. In many ways she felt shallow and not enough was done with the duality of her condition. Still the story works well for the most part and the writing itself is pretty good, although could have done with a few more tweaks..

Overall it's an entertaining book and if you enjoy your vampires then this is well worth a read. It also sets up what I assume to be a series nicely.

"For every light there is a dark."

Harley Finn had never had an easy life. Despite having a difficult childhood, she has worked hard to create a safe and comfortable life for herself. Harley does her best to enjoy her simple, mundane life. But after a random hook-up her life will never be the same

At first Levi Bonham seems like the ideal, no-strings-attached kind of guy, but Harley soon realizes that he is as dangerous as he is enticing. Harley’s connection to Levi leads to disastrous consequences. Suddenly, Harley finds herself plunged into a world plagued by creatures that prey on human suffering and misery. 

Reeling from tragedy, Harley must confront her own demons to save herself and those she loves the most. Her desire for revenge collides with a centuries old war waged at humanity’s expense. Harley must decide if she is willing to put aside her vendetta and risk her own humanity for the sake mankind.

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