Wednesday 10 April 2013

Homecoming & The First Time (New Elite Dangerous Drabbles)

Today has seen the posting of two new Elite: Dangerous drabbles:

Homecoming by Michael Brookes
The observation deck was the best place to watch the ships at Lave station. It was always busy with ships from all over the galaxy. Dirk spent every hour he could sat on the bench, his feet not quite reaching the floor.
He watched the ships come and go, marking each on his personal slate. The security guards joked that the boy’s records were more accurate than the station computer’s. But it was one ship in particular he waited for. Seeing the battered old trader he’d leap from the seat and rush to the arrival bays.
His daddy was home.
The first time, by Matthew "Commander Chonty" Benson
She’s there in front of me. More beautiful than I had imagined. The sunlight casting shadows, creating reflections that make me squint, but I won’t take my eyes off her. She waits, watching, wondering when I’ll make my move.

Others have been there before, but not me. Not yet. But my time will come. Soon. Very soon.

I start to edge forwards, unsure how she’ll react given my reputation.

She’s Lave station. And she’s all I ever dreamed of. All I want to do is to dock first time, safely, without scraping my Cobra MkIII across her docking bay doors.

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