Monday 22 April 2013

Book Impressions - The Clearing by Thomas Rydder

It's been a while since I last read a werewolf story and this was a good one. I was pleased to see that it didn't try and explain the existence of werewolves, it just got on with the story. Although it did provide some historical context which helped reinforce the ancient evil.

Another aspect I liked was that the characters just got on with it. In that regard it reminded me of Dog Soldiers (one of my favourite werewolf films). They freaked out (as you would), but got on with the job.

The writing is good and the story is well paced, pulling you along until the last page.

There is apparently a sequel on its way, which is good news as this was an excellent read.

After twenty years in the Marine Corps, Major Frank Cutlip comes home to the quiet hills of his beloved Pennsylvania to take up a new life as the sheriff of Allegheny County.

Professor Beth Lowe took up a post at Paxton University because she became enamored with western Pennsylvania’s charms, a more enduring love than she thought she would ever feel for a man.

When Beth’s dog is savaged by wolves, their peaceful lives are shattered, and their fates entwined. On the brink of death, the dog not only survives but grows larger… and more vicious. A thousand-year cycle of carnage is reaching its climax once more, and the peaceful wooded hills will soon be smeared with blood. 

Sheriff Cutlip leads his community in a hunt for the hidden terror, but then his own brother is bitten, his blood corrupted by the ancient evil. The sheriff must confront terrible choices, and he can’t do so alone

The Clearing — a novel of ordinary people thrown together in extraordinary circumstances

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