Sunday 14 April 2013

Guest Post - Tips For Your Book Release

What a great time to self-publish. There are so many sources out there to help get our works out to readers. Many of these authors have become best-sellers. Most will not.

What can you do to ensure your book will be a success. First of all, realize that few new authors become overnight successes. For most of us, it will take years of hard work just to earn anything decent. There are some things we can do to help us along.

First of all, editing is essential. There are way too many e-books out there that are terrible reads. Is that what you want to be known for? Many self-published authors skip this step because they want to get published quickly and because they don’t want ‘criticism of their work. If you can’t accept basic editing, how will you accept negative reviews?

1. Editing is essential
Most self-published authors are short on money so be careful when you spend your money you’ve allocated for promotion of your book. Don’t just jump in and start spending hundreds of dollars to promote your book. Check those sites out carefully.

2. Watch your investments
A great book cover is essential. You can learn to make your own or hire someone. Book cover prices are competitive, but make sure you check the person out. The book cover and your title are what catches a reader’s eye.

3. The right title and cover are important
You are not just selling your book, you are selling you. This goes for any product and its salesman. If you have the money to hire a reputable marketing company, that’s the way to go. Most of us do not, and this is the biggest mistake self-published authors make - not marketing. I guarantee the two worst marketing approaches in today’s world are: ‘Hi. I just joined this group. I wrote a book and you can find it at ......’ Not only this statement, but the fact that the person will flood the streams with ‘buy my book’ will just irritate the other members. The second one is sending out e-mails asking your contacts to buy your book. If you’ve studied marketing principles, you’ll know how to write that e-mail. Have you studied marketing principles?

4. Study marketing and how to market
Build your Landing Page, your Google Page, your Facebook Page, your Twitter Page, your Goodreads Author Page, and your Amazon, Lulu, Smashwords, etc pages. Keep them active.

5. Let the world see the great success that you are.
Sadly, you also have to watch your stats. How are you being perceived? How many new visitors came to your website? How many minutes were they there? How many sites are you in? If you join sites just to get your name out, that won’t work. You have to be active. If you belong to every site that you can find, you won’t have enough time to get known. Give each site some time. If you don’t see a benefit to you, get out. The best sites today are Facebook, Twitter, LinkdIn, Goodreads, and Pinterest. Google your writing name. Can you find yourself easily? Are you on the first page? Don’t join Pinterest and put your book(s) out and that’s all. You won’t get any followers. Build boards you’re interested in and again, be active.

6. Get known by making a positive presence on the internet.
Should you or shouldn’t you get reviewed, interviewed, or do guest posts? There are those who feel these don’t do you much good. I disagree. It gets you known around the internet in wider and wider circles.

Remember to be patient. One friend gave me a quote that has inspired me to not stop, but to keep going:

On the road to their destination
Lie the bleached bones
Of countless millions
Who – when at the brink of decision
And were lost.

Harriet Beecher Stowe once said:

When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, ‘til it seems as though you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn.

From Proverbs:

Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.  

And finally, in the words of that great philosopher Yoda:

No, try not, do or do not…, there is no try….   

Don’t give up. Have patience. Watch your investment in your book(s), and get into marketing.
Believe in yourself and dream above the clouds. I do, and I believe in you.

Donna is also the author of 'Always' find out more below:

Two eternal lovers, Einarr and Katura come to Earth again to experience mortality as Simon And April. They won't remember their past. Simon is 36 years old and travels the world in search of antiques. He prefers an uncomplicated life alone. April is his best friend's 16-yr old niece who believes Simon and she are meant to be together. Simon disagrees and wants nothing to do with her, but his best friend, Dixon thinks this will be great fun to watch and will certainly complicate Simon's boring life.

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  1. Very inspiring post, Donna - read it at a time I needed a lift! Most sincere wishes for the best of success to you!

  2. Thank you, Unknown. Michael, thank you so very much for this opportunity.

  3. Great post and good tips. There are so many ways to publicise that we tend to try them all instead of concentrating on a few.

  4. Great advice, Donna! And so true :)

  5. Wise words!! Great post, I love the Yoda quote :)