Tuesday 2 April 2013

Book Impressions - The Devil Stood Up

I loved this book - there I said it. It's the story of the Devil, condemned to punish sinners until God decrees otherwise. In this story Satan is more akin to Dante's than Milton's, although still with a will of his own. As part of his duty he experiences the Litany, the lives of all humans and one crime in particular horrifies him. 

That same crime horrified me as I read it. I'm a denizen of the internet, including its darker side and I'm not easily horrified, but the simple and effective prose that described the event shocked me. The book is worth reading just for those opening paragraphs alone.

The tale follows a slightly more predictable route after that, but it works well. The language is solid, if a little formal (although in the context it works well). I enjoyed every page and was satisfied by the ending, although I'm hoping there will be a sequel.

A fantastic book - read it now!

Could the Devil, Himself turn out to be our ultimate hero? This is the brutally told story of how the Devil, after countless millennia of strictly doing God’s will of punishing sinners in Hell, decides to lay down a Judgment of his own. Compelled by the horrific case of a young mother who murdered her child and the lawyer who gets her set free, the Devil comes to Earth seeking justice. Lesser Demons, Patron Saints, and seemingly, God, Himself, conspire against him and then, the biggest complication of all: he meets Kelly; and the Devil, Himself falls in love. But is Kelly, herself more than she seems?

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