Saturday 13 April 2013

Book Impressions - I Am Eternal (Cowboys & Vampires)

I've just finished reading 'I Am Eternal' by Athanasios. It's a vampire short story that ironically has Simeon (the main character) complain about the glut of vampire fiction. In fairness the vampires in this world are not the romanticized versions that have become so popular in books and film. 

The story itself is well written and well paced, although the ending feels a little abrupt, but does set up the rest of the series well. The language is a little stilted, with an archaic tone, but that works considering the character.

Simeon provides some interesting observations on his time on Earth and I felt that more could have been done with this.

I had a couple of minor issues, the first is that some pre-existing knowledge is assumed. For the most part they don't affect the main plot. I'm a game developer so I found the slightly changed names of real companies off-putting, it might have been better to create a fictional company.

They're minor complaints, it was an enjoyable story,that brings something a little different to the table and is well worth checking out.

For as long as there's been a Vatican the Church has hunted Simeon Magus.

He is tired of running...

Simeon Magus has been alive... undead nearly two millennia.

He has watched the undead go from myth to adored celebrity and he exists, hiding from a determined and lethal group of hunters who do not listen to reason and won't stop until he's destroyed.

Simeon witnessed and lived history and he doesn't know if he wants any more of it. He wants to connect with someone again, to feel close to another, but when he meets somebody on a train who knows too much about him, Simeon cannot trust that he isn't another of the Slayers. Is his new friend sent to eliminate him or the hoped for salvation from the tedium of eternity.

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