Monday 8 April 2013

Book Impressions - The Silver Mist

This isn't my normal type of read, which makes it all the better when it turns out to be a fantastic one. The Silver Mist tells the story of a young woman with Downs Syndrome and her immediate family in their own bubble of tragedy set against the troubles in Belfast in 1972.

It's a moving tale of Eve's spiritual journey and as I say this isn't my normal type of read, but the story and elegant writing had me transfixed. The writing itself is simple, but has a cadence to it that mirrors how I expect the girl's mind to work. For example there is good use of repetition that reinforces the routine for which Eva craves.

Quite simply this is a great read, even if you look at the description and think 'This isn't for me', ignore that thought and read it anyway!

Her dying father calls her unique, doctors have diagnosed that her "brain is wired wrong," and most say she's "plain simple," but Eve Hayes, a young Down's syndrome woman, feels only that she's different. Then, on 21 July 1972-Belfast's Bloody Friday-Eve encounters the captivating Esther, who ferries Eve on a sequence of illuminating, metaphysical journeys. In order to make sense of the slaughter that surrounds her, Eve must first learn the truth of her perceived difference, and therein unravel the timeless purpose of the silver mist.

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