Friday 26 April 2013

Character Study (New 100 Word Story)

A new drabble (100 word story) written by me has been posted in the Indie Bargains newsletter - visit to sign up for the daily newsletter of  free and bargain Kindle books.

Character Study

Things aren't always what they seem. Look at that old man over there. He doesn't look like much, his back bowed under the weight of his years. His skin wrinkled and stretched across his bones.

But look closer, into his eyes.

Those aren't the eyes of an old man. No, there is something much older concealed beneath. The pin pricks of the deepest black reveal an evil beyond human imagining.

It wears the aged flesh like a cheap suit. A disguise that cloaks it while it hunts unseen amongst the human herd.

Too late I realise, it's looking at me.

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