Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Wednesday Blog - Jim Webster

Welcome to the start of a new feature here on The Cult of Me, a lot of the features on my blog are centred around giving something back to the various communities that I interact with. One of those is the blogging community who do a great job in providing a rich diversity of content not just related to books, but other topics as well. So every Wednesday I shall be featuring a blog and I hope you'll find them interesting and check them out for yourself. We start with Jim Webster's blog, find out more in his own words below:

What’s your blog about Jim?

That’s an interesting question. There have been times when I’ve sat down to write it and not really had a lot of idea what I was going to say until I said it. There have been other times when I’ve known what I was going to say, rehearsed it, honed it and finally poured out deathless prose onto the screen before posting it.
To be honest, either way seems to work.

But it strikes me I’ve answered your question without answering the question. I’ve always had a tendency to shoot my mouth off, normally in print. I have done a fair few opinion pieces as a freelance writer in various publications over the years.

Then when I started writing books as well, people said “But you’ll have to have a blog.” I started writing stuff saying how wonderful my books are, but frankly, it bored me writing it, so I’m pretty sure it was going to bore other people reading it. So I gave up on that and just write about what has attracted my attention in the previous week. Sometimes I manage to link it to a book I’ve written; sometimes it’s about something that has happened to me because I’ve written a book. Mostly it’s about what has happened to me that week that has had enough impact on me for me to want to write about it.

So if you fancy checking out some of my blogs, where do you start?

Depends on your interests; I did one on the equine community entitled “Four Lesbians in a fast car.”  which, as the old luvies say; “Was well received.”

Then there’s an acerbic commentary on a walk through my home town in “The dock was the colour of green milk.”

Or in “Who wants sexy checkout girls anyway?” I even manage to get in a mention to my books.

And finally, something very different; a lady I know who is perhaps a generation younger than me was travelling as a tourist to Vietnam. She asked me to write a blog about ‘Nam’ to help her get a sense of perspective, and I tried to put together something to give her a sense of the lost world that I remembered from the news broadcasts of my youth

And if you read just one? Then probably the last, because men and women grow old and forget, and every so often it does us good to remember for a change.

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