Friday 25 April 2014

Book Impressions - Horror Stories by Alan Toner

This is a collection of horror themed short stories, most of them follow familiar themes, although the author does bring an unusual angle to most of them. They are a bit of a mixed bag, they're all readable although only a few really stand out as something special. The ones that worked best for me was the opening tale set in a wax museum, the story wasn't particularly novel, but it was well written and contained some decent horror moments.

The story with the mouse terrorising an old women was another excellent story from this collection, this was a more interesting idea that I thought was quite novel. The writing throughout is solid, although at times it did feel like someone telling a story rather than being inside the story. That's only a minor issue though, for fans of horror this is well worth a read.

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Horror Stories is a new collection of fright fiction by Alan Toner, author of the True Ghost Stories series. Twelve terrifying tales covering all aspects of the horror genre - from vampires to demons to ghosts - guaranteed to chill your blood and give you many a sleepless night!

CHAMBER OF HORRORS - Sinister entities lurk within the bowels of a wax museum . . . much to the horror of a curator, who finds himself locked in there overnight.

BEACH BABE - A single, romance-seeking guy encounters a mysterious blonde beauty whilst on holiday . . . and pays a terrifying price for his obsession.

TURNING THE TABLES - A modern-day Dr Frankenstein meets with a gruesome fate when he tries to emulate the notorious mad scientist.

THE MOUSE - An old widow is plagued by rodent in her new home. But is there more to this creature than meets the eye?

These are just a few examples of the kind of terror tales you will find in this collection.

If you love reading The Pan Book of Horror Stories and The Year's Best New Horror, then you are sure to enjoy reading this spine-chilling collection.

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