Thursday, 10 April 2014

Thursday Tune - The Cat Came Back by Macabre

We've had some quite serious songs in the Thursday Tune so far, so I think it's time for a bit of fun. Today we have a song dedicated to all you cat lovers out there - 'The Cat Came Back', this version is performed by Macabre.

The Song

I'll confess that I'm only familiar with this song from Macabre (a band I've listened to for many years), however a bit of research indicates that this is quite an old song from the end of the 19th century and is still popular as a folk and children's song (although it's quite a dark song, the way children's songs should be!).

The song is about someone trying to get rid of a cat and all of the misfortune that ensues from that act. It's a fun song to sing to as the people in the office will confirm :-) I've even found a lovely illustrated version of the song you can enjoy - so have fun watching it!.

The Band

Macabre are described as a death metal band (The Cat Came Back isn't typical of their music style, but is of their content) although they blend dark humour in their songs which matches my own warped sense of humour. I first heard them back at the end of the 80's with the Gloom album, which contains the excellent song 'Mr Albert Fish (Was Children Your Favourite Dish?'. A lot of their songs are based around famous serial killers, in fact Jeffrey Dalmer had a whole album dedicated to him.

As I say while the subject matter is dark, the humour does put a different edge to it. You can discover more about the band on their website:

The Album

Click on image to purchase from Amazon

The Cat Came Back is from the album 'Morbid Campfire Songs', a side project from members of the band. Unlike their usual songs these include acoustic tracks, but still has the same humour in the lyrics.

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