Sunday, 6 April 2014

Two Weeks Left To Enter April's Short Fiction Contest

We're two weeks into April's short fiction contest, which means that there is only two weeks left for you to enter. This month's creepy doll has already inspired fourteen suitably spooky entries and I'm sure that there's many more to come!

It's easy to enter, you simply write a story of no more than 500 words inspired by this month's image. You then submit the story through the form on the competition page, you'll also find the rules for the contest there. If your story is picked as the winner then you'll win a £50 Amazon gift card, there are prizes for second and third places as well. You can enter the competition here:

The flip side to entering the contest is reading the great stories that are entered, if you haven't read March's winning stories yet then you should check them out at March's winners page here:

Feel free to comment about the stories on the page and also please share the links for the contest and the winners wherever you can, everyone's support is much appreciated.

For fans of short and flash fiction I've set up a Facebook group dedicated to stories in those forms, come and join the discussion here:


  1. I really want to get in on it, especially with this cool creepy doll image. Just not sure it's going to happen though...