Thursday 3 April 2014

Thursday Tune - Ohne Dich by Rammstein

It's time for a bit of Rammstein, in fairness that could be any time of the day, but it's time for them to feature in the Thursday Tune with the incredible ballad 'Ohne Dich'.

The Song

'Ohne Dich' means 'Without You' in German, for the video of the song I've picked one that has an English translation of the lyrics so that you don't need to understand German to understand the lyrics. My German isn't great, but I do enjoy listening to some German bands (thanks to Rammstein I'll admit!).

The song is a bit of a tease, the video gives it away quite quickly, but the song sounds like a man yearning for his lost love and it is, but not in the obvious sense. This isn't the love of a woman, but for a mountain that he can no longer climb. Something I know certain mountaineers would appreciate.

It's one of their more melodic songs and really shows the lead singer's vocal strengths, yet still maintains a hard edge. Combined with the feeling in the lyrics this makes for a powerful song and a firm favourite of mine.

Ohne dich, kann nicht ich sein - Without you I cannot be.

The Band

As I'm sure you've guessed by now Rammstein are a German band who have gained notable international success. They perform a blend of heavy almost industrial style music and more melodic tunes like Ohne Dich and Seeman. They've been together since 1994 and are famed for quite extravagant stage shows.

You can find out more about the band on their website:

The Album

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Ohne Dich is from the 'Reise, Reise' album that is probably my favourite Rammstein album, although 'Mutter' comes a very close second. There isn't a bad song on the album and there's a few stand out ones besides this week's featured track. The title song, Mein Teil, Amerika and Moskau are all highlights of the album.

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