Sunday 30 June 2013

Film Review - The Squad

The Squad tells the story of a squad of soldiers sent to investigate a guerilla base where they discover everyone has been killed except for a lone woman imprisoned in a storage room. It's quite a slow paced film, but does portray the chaos and madness of the situation quite well.

As a horror film it's ok, not great, but worth a watch. Some of the scenes are pretty grim, but not gratuitously so. I appreciate a film that is comfortable not showing you every gory detail. Unfortunately the story is a little predictable, and doesn't really explore what is actually going on.

When contact is lost with a military base set deep in the desolate plains of Colombia, a special high mountain command unit is sent to check things out.

On arrival they find only one person alive and gradually the isolation and inability to communicate with the outside world takes its toll on their sanity. Prisoners of fear, paranoia and a dark secret; they must challenge each other and be prepared to kill one another in order to survive, unless they can work out the true nature of their enemy and unite to defeat it.

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