Sunday, 23 February 2014

Book Shout Out - Off the KUF Volume 3

It's a week of great new releases, today sees the third Off the Kuf anthology released and it includes some of my favourite indie authors. I've bought my copy and I hope you'll buy yours!

Click cover to purchase from Amazon

Off the KUF Volume 3 is an anthology of novellas, guaranteed to appeal to readers of all genres! 

This book brings together six novellas into one 125,000-word collection. Each contains narratives of more depth and richness than a short story could handle, while delivering a punchier impact than a full-length novel. No matter what your tastes, there is plenty here to engage your imagination. 

Volume 3 is edited by David Wailing and the contributing authors are Cecilia Peartree, Carl Ashmore, Nigel Bird, Jonathan Hill, David Wailing and Jennifer Hanning. The front cover is by Katie Stewart at Magic Owl Designs. 

If you enjoy this anthology, look out for Off the KUF Volume 1 and Volume 2, available now! 

The Off the KUF trilogy of anthologies is brought to you by the Kindle Users Forum (KUF). All proceeds from ebook sales are used to maintain the forum. Join us at

Click here to purchase Off the Kuf Volume 3 from Amazon (and there's some great indie authors featured)

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