Friday, 14 February 2014

Bloody Valentine Blog Hop

To celebrate Valine's Day I'm joining up with a host of other blogs to celebrate the darker side of the occasion in The Bloody Valentine Blog Hop. A big thanks to Anita for organising all this and make sure to check out the other blogs taking part, you'll find them listed at the bottom of this post.

For my part in the hop I'm looking back on some of my relationship related drabbles, all of them in the darkest possible taste of course!

A Mask for every Occasion

I learned at a young age that to blend in with herd provides greater advantage than standing out. Before my balls dropped it became obvious to me that attracting attention would hamper my destined purpose.

The trick is to be like them, to wear the same masks they do. They don't realise they're wearing masks, but that only makes the deception easier.

Whatever I do I wear the appropriate mask. I once thought the mask for work was the hardest to maintain, now I know it is the one for my wife.

No matter, she'll soon see me without it.

Solemn Vow

We made a vow, you and I. Before the altar we declared our love to the world. For a time I was the happiest a man could be.

But you broke that vow. You and him. Together you betrayed my trust, despoiled our love. My wife and my brother. I couldn't believe it at first. All too quickly what was joy turned into a hate so bright it provided the only light in my darkness.

And so here I am, digging a shallow grave for you both in the soft soil. I kept my promise - till death do us part.

A Marriage Made In...

Hell. You know the place. Lakes of burning sulphur. Torture pits filled with the wailing of the damned. Not the place you'd expect to fall in love. But I did.

Our eyes met across the inferno. It was love at first sight, or at least first scream. The demons didn't approve at first, they tried to quench our love with fire and brimstone.

We endured and in the end they came round.

Lucifer himself even officiated at our wedding. Love, honour and obey, two of those things are welcome here.

But 'till death do us part could be a problem.

Together, Forever

Once your caress was warm and tender, now your touch haunts me with its chill breath. I know I should let you go my love, but I cannot. The pain of parting is too heavy to bear. In anger I refuse to be grief's servant. I cannot allow you to join Heaven's choir.

Instead I bind you to this mundane world of flesh and tears. Your cold embrace is still warmer than the chasm created by your passing. My comfort only comes from the briefest glimpse of your beauty at the cusp of sleep and dreams.

Together we remain. Forever.

Happy Valentines Everyone :-)


  1. Some chilling tales indeed. A wonderful post.

  2. Great little dark moments. Happy V Day! Showing some zombie love! GIRL Z: My Life as a Teenage Zombie

    1. Isn't zombie love just necrophillia? :-) Thanks for dropping by!

  3. Love the drabbles... 'love at first scream' - so that's what I've been doing wrong? Very nice, I enjoyed your post!

    Have fun bouncing around the Bloody Valentine's Day Blog tour!


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