Thursday, 6 February 2014

Book Impressions - Beneath by Kit Tinsley

This excellent horror story had been on my TBR list for far too long, I've read the author's other book (a collection of short stories called 'Dark County') so I was looking forward to reading this. Thankfully I wasn't disappointed.

On the face of it the story takes a familiar form, a family move into a new home and strange and terrifying events occur. The father is a man of scientific character and struggles with the phenomena and searches for an explanation. Darker events unfold after the discovery of an old chamber in the garden and the battle is on to survive and protect his family.

While the story may have a familiar feel, the author demonstrates great skill in making the format his own and in creating an involving read. For me the strengths were how the story was grounded in the real world, quite often these things seem to be squeezed in rather than blended. The technique by which the story is recollected also worked well, it brought the events close to home and kept me hooked right up to the ending.

The only off notes for me were the initial familiarity with story (although it is well told and does have some interesting twists along the way, so this is really a minor complaint) and I would have liked to have discovered more about the creature at the heart of it all. Still they aren't major issues and shouldn't put you off, this is an excellent horror read.


Beneath is a terrifying horror novel.

Dan Martin and his family move into a new home. Soon they discover an ancient chamber buried below the house. As the secrets of the area's dark history come to light the family begin to experience frightening supernatural phenomena. Hooded apparitions stalk their garden at night, an unseen hand carves messages on their walls, and most disturbing, their neighbours start to die.

Opening the chamber has released a dark and evil force that existed eons before man. Can Dan Martin, a scientist, accept the existence of the paranormal in order to stop it? Can he protect his family? Violence, horror and death combine in a nerve shredding climax. Will they survive what dwells beneath?

This is the debut novel by English writer Kit Tinsley

NOTE- This is a 2nd edition of this book, it has been professionally edited, and all reviews that mention spelling mistakes and grammatical errors refer to the first edition

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