Sunday 24 August 2014

Last Week for The Cult of Me's Half Price Sale

This is the final week of The Cult of Me's half price sale. If you're undecided about reading this supernatural thriller then take a look at some of the comments from Goodreads reviews I've copied below. If they liked it so much then maybe you will too!

"This book is so hard to define. It’s a dark, psychological thriller but also philosophical, metaphysical and totally unusual. "  Kath Middleton

"In a nutshell, The Cult of Me is for you if you like characters with a tortured mind and if you like psychological thrillers/conspiracy theories. It deserves its 5 stars because this is the kind of book that I would have read in one sitting, had I been able to. It just drew me in." Frenchie

"It is a real feather in Mr Brookes cap that most writers create a main character that is either a likeable sort or so bad that you can hate them. The main character in this book is ultimately self serving and cynical but even so you still hunt for indicators that he could be redeemed and just occasionally there's a glimmer of possibility, it only lasts for a moment before the author mercilessly dashes it. But, however often your hopes are dashed, you still feel that there may yet be hope." Marie Brown

"Brookes offers an interesting anti-hero with his novel and promises more in the sequel Conversations in the Abyss where the trilogy continues. I liked his narrative voice and the story flowed very smoothly. It'll make a great read for fans of action, suspense and intrigue. " Amanda Lyons

"This is a meaty, lurid read but don't be fooled. The excellent writing and plotting will stay with you long after the book has reached its Apocalyptic conclusion. The anti-hero is totally unlovable, but it seems as if his strange gift enables him to get inside the readers head and mess with it, just as he messes with peoples' heads in the book, often with devastating consequences. " Jayne

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In my youth I developed a talent for reading other people’s minds and with practice, forcing my will upon them. I have never encountered anyone capable of resisting my thoughts and for a time I enjoyed the fruits of my power. A terrible tragedy led me to a darker place and then I wielded my ability not simply to satisfy my desires but to torment and judge the throng of humanity around me.

Years passed until I realised that my life lacked meaning and I lived without purpose. It wasn’t a difficult change to make. And with that choice I have one final act to inflict upon the world and they will remember my name with fear for ages to come.

The Cult of Me is the first book in The Third Path trilogy.

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