Thursday 7 August 2014

ABC Drabbles of Death - M is for Martyr

Welcome to the latest in the ABC Drabbles of Death. In this series of drabbles (100 word stories) I write a macabre story for each letter of the alphabet and this week we reach the letter 'M'. I had a bit of trouble picking this week's word as it seemed a bit obvious and then I thought of a nice twist :-)

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M is for Martyr

The crowd came to watch me die. For some it’s their duty, for others the thrill, but some want to ensure that I can speak no more. It is the end for me and I have failed in my task save them from their impending doom.

I tried everything I could. I talked to everyone who would listen and even to those who wouldn’t. The elders accused me of spreading fear in their paradise. I refused to recant my warning.

So here I am, tied to the stake awaiting the flame.

It won’t stop the asteroid destroying their planet though.

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