Friday 8 August 2014

Friday Poem - In the Jewel Box by Kimolisa Mings

This week's Friday Poem is a moving poem called 'In the Jewel Box' by Kimolisa Mings:

In The Jewel Box
by Kimolisa Mings

I found whispers
In an old jewel box.

They were paper thin
And ever so soft
As I touched them
To my cheek.

I wondered to myself
Who they belonged to,
Who had hidden them
In this old jewel box.

I took them to the attic,
The whispers
And the jewel box,
And closed all the doors
And all the windows.

Sitting quietly,
In that dusty attic,
I tried to hear
The whispers
As they laid in
The old jewel box.

'Twas two hours later
When my mind was empty,
My heart was open,
And my soul was set free
That I heard the whispers.

"I love you."
"I love you, too."
"Will you come back?"
"I will always come back."
"I will miss you."
"And I will miss you."

Then silence,
And in that moment,
A lone tear crept
Down my cheek.
He never came back.

I rose and walked
To a window.
With the jewel box
In one hand,
I opened it
And everyday life
Crashed around me
Like a wave.

I heard the kids
Down the street,
I smelled the roses
In the garden,
And I felt and saw
The sun setting
In the distance.

Without thought
Or hesitation,
I threw the whispers
Out the window,
Into the world.

I watched it
Sail away in
The late summer breeze.
Such pain should not be
Locked away in gilded boxes,
But made to dissolve away
And from what is left
May something new
And joyous be made.

I wrote this poem in 2011 and it is one of my favourites. It was one of the poems that wrote itself and when it was done, it left me teary-eyed. One of the elements I liked about the poem was the magic or the way we perceive common day things as magical. I also liked that it brought the past into the present with just a dialogue, leaving the reader to fill in the pieces and write the story of what happened to the two individuals from the past. Poems like this is why I keep writing because you never know where the story will lead you.

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