Wednesday 13 August 2014

Blog Shout Out - Amanda M Lyons

In this week's blog shot out we pay a visit to Amanda M Lyons' book blog. Discover more about her blog in her own words below:

Hello everyone, my name is Amanda M. Lyons and I’m the author of Eyes Like Blue Fire (due for re-release in the next few months), the short story Wendy Won’t Go and a contributing author in the upcoming Feral Hearts and the short horror collection Apocrypha. I am also an editor with J Ellington Ashton Press and I run a blog on my website where I interview authors from the press and outside of it. On my blog I like to cover the story as much as the writer and their writing process. I don’t like to waste your time with the same old questions and try to make my questions as fun for the author to fill out as it is interesting for the reader to read when the interview is posted. I’m going to ask you about the story, the characters, and how you came to some of the conclusions you have for your book.

Let me tell you why I started my blog. While I am now with JEA, I started out indie and I know how hard it is to get the word out, how frustrating it can be to answer some of the same questions and feel as if you’re not getting anywhere. I write about my experiences as an author there and along with the interviews you can get a window into how things were going for me in the early days. Being indie is tough and you have to grow a lot of determination, a thick skin and learn to really sell the better bits of your book. While most interviews will let you say a little about your book, many of them seem to focus on the same questions and never really let you express the bits you really love, how you came to develop them, and why they’re important to you. As a result, the author gets a bit out about them, but it remains rather impersonal and most readers aren’t getting a good feel for what the book is about and why it’s worth checking out. I started out just talking about my writing and things and ended up deciding I would start doing the interviews I wanted to read, helping other authors get their books out there and pay back to the community my own good fortune earned when I managed to settle with a great publisher. 

I am open to interviews with any published author, indie and print, and while I have a strong passion for horror and fantasy fiction, I’m flexible enough to cover all topics. You can find my blog at and if you’d like to reach me about interviews feel free to e-mail me at

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