Thursday 7 August 2014

Book Impressions - The Cabinet of Dr Blessing by Jack Rollins

I'm a fan of Victorian era horror and have been looking forward to reading this book for some time and thankfully it did not disappoint. This book is a collection of the first three stories about Dr Blessing (a great name) and his evolution due to his discovery at a particularly bloody birth. For me the strongest element to the stories is the good doctor's transformation throughout the stories.

The writing in the book is superb. It captures the feel of the age brilliantly, from the opulence of the doctor and his friends, to the filth and fear of life on the murky streets of London. I loved the characters, each of them brings something different to the story and even the ones you don't encounter for very long remain memorable.

I'm also pleased to say that this is a story that treats vampires as monsters rather than the romantic creatures they are often depicted as. Here they form the heart of the horror, although the humans in the story also manage to conjure horror of their own!

It's normally at this stage in the review where I mention some aspect that I didn't enjoy, but in this case I have no complaints. I enjoyed reading these stories immensely and yes there is one complaint - the next part isn't available yet! So if you enjoy horror and especially that set in the Victorian era then I heartily recommend this book.

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Collects the first three stories in the Dr Blessing Collection: Dr Blessing's Curse, or, The Baby in The Bell-Jar; Dr Blessing's Rapture, or, The Beast and The Bell-Jar and A Christmas Blessing.

In London, 1856, Dr Blessing is summoned to assist a prostitute whose is undergoing a difficult childbirth. In assisting the ill-fated mother, Dr Blessing makes a gruesome discovery that will consume his mind, his family and the whole of London.

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