Friday 29 August 2014

Friday Poem - Dusty Grins by Adriano Bulla

This week's Friday Poem is 'Dusty Grins' by Adriano Bulla who has a poetry collection called 'Queer Poems' due for release soon. Enjoy his poem and discover why he wrote it below:

Dusty Grins
by Adriano Bulla

Cold nights behind the hollow masks
Of wealthy teeth and rich refrains
With faces dull and dusty grins
Smug in the warmth that doesn’t ask
Of others’ paths and walks away
In silent stares to cobble stones
That echo darkness left unseen
By steps that quicken with dismay
And crave forgetful locks on doors
So keen
To keep the words without that stir
The dormant fossil of the soul
Like coal
With sparks and wind to breathe and seethe;
So, dampened down with dry old drops
The paces drum
And faces
Drown for want of change – they don’t
Exchange a word, a look, a smile,
But hide behind the surge of bile
Which spins
On faces dull and dusty grins.

This poem is dedicated to everyone who needs a roof, and about everyone who, when they see a homeless person asking for change, walks off, ignoring them, as if they did not even exist. You have no change to spare, fine, at least share a smile, a word, an acknowledgement: the person asking, is a human being...

Author's Page:
Twitter Handle: @Bulla_Adriano
Gay Literature on Adriano Bulla (extracts, reviews, bio, links):
(They are so kind they have dedicated a whole subsection of their site to me).

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